How to Improve Android Phone Lock Security?

Undoubtedly we all have heard of the operating system which is called the Android operating system. It is mainly an operating system that can be run only on the smart phones. Android operating system is the most renowned and famous operating system.

It is popular vividly among the generation young as well as the other middle aged people. This is such because this Android operating system offers a huge variety of many applications which is very much useful for the daily life and also for the business purposes. It has millions of unique and lovable features which has made it a very much enjoying and useful operating system for everyone.

Android also offers most of it’s applications in free of cost. Thus, every three person in a group of five uses Android. But Android has a security issue that makes it a bit annoying sometimes. We all know that security is an important thing for the smartphone users and though Android comes with an application to provide security to the phone which is inbuilt but that is not sufficient for the users.

Android allows the users to give password characters to patterns to lock the home screen. As I have said earlier that the security system of the Android application needs sufficiency, users have also asked for the password protection in many of their applications so that they can keep the information, pictures and personal messages safe and secured from the wrong hands. 

Therefore, many application developers have given their time and interest in making applications that can provide enough security to the android applications.  Here is a list of four prominent applications for locking up any android application easily.

  1. The App lock application: In a very short span of time this application has become very much popular among the android users. This application has more than 90 millions of bases made for the users and it can support near about 25 languages. This application easily locks up the messages, gallery, the mail, call log and many more. It can also hide the videos and pictures which make it a very efficient security application for the android operating system. This application asks for an email address for recovering the password in case the user forgets it. App lock is easily found in the play store and gives both the numeric and the alphabetic sets of passwords to protect the applications.
  2. Keeping it safe by the smart lock: This application is one of the most advance application lockers. This comes with a great range of smart features. It allows the user to lock their desired application by using any password having alphabetic or numeric characters or by drawing any pattern. The interesting fact regarding this application is, it tries to capture the phone of the person who tries to unlock the phone. This application is actually know by the name of smart app lock and is available on the play store of the Google.
  3. Application lock and the gallery hider: This is also a unique application which comes with some interesting things. It has the option to secure all of the applications almost which is there in the phone. This security provider application can easily lock up the applications like the force stop or the uninstall application list and many more.
  4. Application lock which is pattern based: App lock is a simple but very much interesting security application which has the uncluttered user interface. It actually provides the security by creating a pattern and is able to start any sound alarm if someone tries to unlock it forcefully.

These applications perform well in every of the security providing cases. Though there are some more applications like this such as the Leo guard, smart application locker and many more but the above mentioned security applications work better than these every time. As the android operating system doesn’t have its very own security providing application, one need to install these secured application lockers to keep their personal things guarded and secured.

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