Solved! MS Outlook OST Synchronization error 8004011D-526-80040115-0

If you are using MS Outlook then an OST (Offline Storage Table) file is created to maintain a local copy of all Outlook items on your computer and allows you to work even offline. When you get connected to the exchange server again all changes made during this time then updated and saved on the server. But sometimes OST files could not be properly synchronized and we encounter some issues in the Synchronization process.

This can occur due to improper connectivity of Outlook with Exchange Server or when the OST file you are trying to synchronize with a mailbox on the Exchange server is found to be corrupt. This leads to the MS Outlook OST Synchronization error 8004011D-526-80040115-0. In this state, it is not possible for you to access the OST file. 

Besides the above situations, there are many other factors which can cause this error. We have listed here some of the possible reasons behind getting OST Synchronization error 8004011D-526-80040115-0 error message.

  1. In case of MS Exchange Server downtime.
  2. When there is any network connection issue.
  3. OST file which you have to synchronize is corrupt
  4. There are some issues in the MS Outlook profile
  5. Power failure during the synchronization process
  6. If there are virus infections or malicious code in the OST file & Outlook.

We can take a few primitive moves to keep away from this OST synchronization difficulty. For this, you could try and synchronize when there is a good network connection as server downtime may lead to a synchronization problem in MS Outlook. Most of such problems can be easily avoided by retrieving the contents from the backup, like a PST file. But in this case, if no such backup is created before synchronization has occurred then this method does not work out. In this case, you can get a backup of the OST file into a PST with an OST to PST conversion tool.

Solutions to fix OST Synchronization error 8004011D-526-80040115-0

  1. Wait until the Exchange Server system get proper connection, come online again and resynchronize your OST file.
  2. Recreate that MS Outlook profile which is causing the issue.
  3. To use OST integrity check tool, it is an inbuilt tool in MS Outlook to resolve the sync issue and to repair corrupt OST files.

If you are still not getting how to resolve the Microsoft Outlook synchronization error or if you are still facing a problem in rectifying the OST file errors then the easiest way to fix the issues is to use a Convert OST to PST utility that can convert an unusable OST file to a PST file. It allows you to access data in PST format. It will not only retrieve the data but also helps in fixing the issues in the OST file.

With the conversion wizard you can easily migrate complete OST file data into PST file format, keeping the folder structure and other crucial information intact. In this, you can have a complete backup of your OST file in a PST format even if the OST file is inaccessible. All you need is that OST to PST conversion tool and the location of your OST file in your device. Simply add the OST file and click convert to save it as PST. You can further open and view the PST file in any MS Outlook profile in offline mode. You no more need an active Exchange server to open and view the PST file content and you data is completely accessible.

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