How to Read Thunderbird Emails into MS Outlook?

Thunderbird and Outlook both are among the top email clients, but Outlook surpasses it due to its features. Advanced MS Outlook attributes make it the first choice over Thunderbird. Since many users look for a way to migrate Thunderbird emails into MS Outlook, it is very important to learn the process to open and read Thunderbird emails in MS Outlook.

In order to read Thunderbird emails in MS Outlook, it is important to convert the thunderbird emails into PST file format. Thunderbird emails are saved in your machine with .eml file format on your system hard disk. Thus, in order to read the Thunderbird Emails in Outlook, you should convert the EML file to PST Format. This is because there is no inbuilt feature available in Mozilla Thunderbird to directly export their data in MS Outlook.

Besides the EML file format, Thunderbird also supports MBOX format. MBOX file is the data file format that is supported by Gmail, Eudora, Apple Mail, Postbox, Mailspring, etc. You can also convert an MBOX file to PST in order to migrate the complete mailbox from Thunderbird to MS Outlook. So, let us start to discuss how to convert the format of the file as not every email client supports all types of data file formats.

How to Manually Import Thunderbird Files in PST?

Using Drag-Drop Method to Convert Thunderbird to MS Outlook. This method comprises 2 steps.

Step I: Saving Thunderbird Emails data in EML format

1. Open the Thunderbird application and go to the location of the folders which you want to export.

2. Select single or all the messages and then right-click on the selected emails & select the ‘Save As’ option.

3. Browse the folder, to save the selected messages as EML files and click on ‘Select Folder’ to export the messages.

Step 2: Drag and drop the Exported EML files into the Outlook folder

  1. In windows, open the folder where you export EML files.
  2. Drag and drop the exported EML files into the Outlook folder.

Alternate to Migrate Thunderbird Mails to MS Outlook

The manual method is an open solution for all. Although it is free, it involves quite a lengthy procedure which is ok for a bunch of EML files. However, in order to export a bunch of EML files without crucial data, this is not at all recommended.

Another method for Thunderbird users to open a Thunderbird data file on the interface of the Outlook email application is using a third-party solution. You can try Magus EML to PST converter.  When you are in a situation where you feel stuck and look for an instant solution to access your data then this tool can be a savior. It supports all EML-based email clients along with Thunderbird. Thus, you can also migrate data from applications like Lotus notes, Apple Mail, Eudora, or Windows live mail to MS Outlook. 

Benefits of Automated tool to Convert EML file to PST file format

  1. Easily convert corrupt, inaccessible, and orphan EML files to required file formats.
  2. Instantly convert the Thunderbird data file to PST.
  3. It maintains email formatting
  4. Maintain data security.
  5. Preserves email formatting and data integrity.


We have here learned how to convert EML to PST and read Thunderbird emails in MS Outlook. Also, we got to know that the automated way is the most effective solution to overcome such problems. Using a manual way would be difficult for you to convert the large files and requires quite a lot of technical expertise. Also, there are limitations in order to perform the task.

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