Privacy Policy

Magus Tools ensures all our customers; associated with us via any mode; that their vital information is 100% safe & secure with us. We primarily use the information provided by the clients to receive orders, send the product license details or share the information related to any future updates that occurs in our products.

We guarantee you that all the customer related data is kept confidential in our system and can never be used commercially or disclosed to any third party services. Magus Tools only uses the positive feedback or the testimonials; shared by the customers as per their experience with us; on its website to improve the webpage content.

Magus Tools follows all the required and necessary security measures to keep the user information safe. Our system abides any illegitimate activity or forbid any third party services to access our database system; which prevents any sort of data leakage. In case you find any of your information displayed on internet is directly / indirectly related to us then kindly intimate us for the same and we will remove it with the immediate effect.

Refund Policy

We strongly recommend to download and test the tool prior purchase. Every product has a free demo version to test the tool. If a user do not try the demo version before actually placing the order and the license version does not work then refund policy is not applicable for them.

If the product fails to work and we are unable to resolve the issue then you can request for refund within 30 days of purchase.

We have a very transparent system when it comes to our product refund system. You can place the order directly from our website and in case the product fails to perform as suggested; our support team will assist you to resolve the issue as soon as possible. But; if the team fails to solve the problem up to your satisfaction then we will quickly process the 100% refund on your request.

We keep on reviewing our policies and make amendments as per the regulations. Thus; it is quite possible that you may find new information or updates on this page over a period of time.

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