How to Turn an OST Backup into PST?

There could plethora of situations where you end up having an OST file which you need to open without any MS Exchange server. One such scenario appears when you have taken a backup of your MS Outlook mailbox in an OST file format.

Now, you cannot open the backup OST file within MS Outlook just like that. For this, you either have to follow a long set of steps for manual process (That too might not work in some cases) or opt for some reliable OST to PST conversion tool which can simply migrate OST into PST file format.

One Possible Manual Method to Convert OST Backup into PST

If you are having an orphans OST file and not restricted to MS Outlook any more then it’s not a big deal. It is still possible to recover and convert OST to PST. So, if you do not want to invest in paid tools or sped money just to recover your messages then here is the way out do it FOR FREE:

ALL YOU NEED IS MS Outlook in your machine.

1. Open Outlook

2. MOSTLY IMPORTANT disable automatic Send/Receive (Outlook may not sync automatically)

3. Create a new dummy-mailbox in MS Outlook that will work as a container. We are going to need the container.ost in a minute like a jar.

4. Open local folder in your device where this OST file is saved

5. Now Quit MS Outlook

6. Now, take your OST file which you want to convert (and which is not in Outlook anymore because if it were there you wouldn’t have to do that)

7. Now, rename your OST file as container.ost. Next, copy and overwrite this container.ost with yours.

8. Now once again open MS Outlook

9. Use MS Outlook Import/Export function and follow the steps to export your dummy-mailbox as PST.

10. Repeat similar method for all your orphaned OST files

The mailbox setting does not matter. It simply works.

So, after trying the above methods if your problem resolves then VOILA! You are a genius. But what if the issue does resolve and you are unable to figure out the above process? Here you can opt for another solution which helps you in quick migration from OST into PST file format.

How to Quickly Turn an OST Backup into PST Format?

As we all know quality comes with cost and so do the comfort. Thus, the most comfortable yet reliable method to turn any inaccessible OST file backup into PST format you must opt for OST to PST conversion tool. This tool is a powerful solution for an easy OST to PST file migration and has many pros over manual methods some of them are as listed below:

  1. It is less time consuming to migrate large OST file backups into PST file format with the tool.
  2. Manual methods require technical skills and you have to do it independently. Whereas, OST to PST conversion tool is a simple wizard and also the 24×7 help support will guide you in every step.
  3. With manual process you might lose your data on the other hand OST to PST converter ensures zero data loss.
  4. If you have multiple OST files, you have repeat same process multiple time but using the OST tool you can do batch migration.

Besides this, there are many other benefits of using a paid OST to PST converter over manual process but if you are more concerned about the money and not the data then surely you must give a hand on your FREE solution.

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