In MS Outlook Know What is OST File & PST File?

If you are a computer user, then DATA word is a very common thing for you. And, if you have ever saved your data in any file then that file becomes a data file. Similarly; MS Outlook stores all its data in a file which is known as MS Outlook Data File.

Types of MS Outlook Data Files

MS Outlook is associated with two types of data files. One is OST file and another is PST file. Both these files are known as MS Outlook data file and contains all the user mailbox content like emails, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, etc. All these data saved in any file makes it extremely crucial and its inaccessibility may lead to inaccessible MS Outlook profile.

Difference between OST File and PST File

  • Though OST and PST files both are MS Outlook data files but OST file cannot be accessed anywhere anytime
  • OST file is created by MS Outlook when it is configured with MS Exchange server whereas PST file is created whenever you configure MS Outlook in your PC.
  • OST files are accessible only in a premises where MS Exchange server is installed or present on the other hand you can open and view PST file data any time any where
  • You cannot view or read any latest emails received in a OST file until the MS Exchange  server get synchronized on the other hand  PST file accessibility has no such limitations.

Besides above differences, the most important issue that a user might face while working with an OST file is the corruption issue. It is quite possible that OST file gets inaccessible or your MS Outlook start throwing up OST file is inaccessible error. In this situation; there is no other way out except to convert OST into PST file format.

Things to Know About OST &PST Files

  1. OST stands for – Offline storage table and PST stands for Personal storage table.
  2. MS Outlook OST file let your access the mailbox in offline mode when you are not connected with MS Exchange server in your local machine.
  3. PST file can be used personally to send or receive email by using any Pop3 mail service. So every time you reopen MS Outlook it will sync and show you all the newly received items.
  4. OST and PST both are MS Outlook data files but cannot be used as a replacement.
  5. If OST file get inaccessible then you have to convert it into PST to make your OST file data accessible again but if PST file gets inaccessible you can easily repair it using SCANPST or other paid solutions.

With growing need of emailing, Microsoft is continuously working on making the emailing job easier for its users so that one does not face any kind of work hassle. But, still there are missing blocks which is fulfilled by various online software solution providers; which  not only helps you in solving the issue but also provide you with enough information to understand what is an OST file and what is PST file; that too in a simplest and easiest possible way.

MS Outlook OST file and PST files both have their significances in there respective field. For Enterprises OST plays a significant role because it may leads to complete loss of valuable information whereas PST file is important for any personal user who is dependent on daily basis to send or receive email via MS Outlook.

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