7 Full Proof Ways to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

Internet is the tool which enables the user to access any information which is available online. But with the advent of technology the facility of internet availability on wireless signal came into picture. Wireless internet connection made it possible for the users to access the internet over the same connection from multiple devices.

Wi-Fi is one of the key parts of using a computer, and yet it is most annoying when plagued by slow speeds. Range of wireless router is 100 feet or more but sometimes many factors lower its range or obliterate its signal strength. Speed and coverage both are the important criteria to be considered for better wireless performance. Here are some of the methods that can boost the performance of your Wi-Fi at home:

To check the interference– Interference is one of the major factors responsible for the low performance. One can simply track down the interference and remove from its place. It can be track by a wireless analyzer that is used to find the interference or you can buy a dual band router which can help with this problem. Usually appliances like cordless phones, television remote controls, microwave ovens, washing machines, automatic garage door openers, security alarms are all responsible for the interference with network traffic. Sometimes when you living in an apartment the signals from other routers can also interfere and causes slow signals.

To use latest Wi-Fi technology– Best way to make ensure your network is speedy and reliable is to have an up-to-date technology. Moreover; if you want a high speed then you need wireless N router and wireless N card in your laptop or computer.

Router should be repositioned– Sometimes simply changing the place can increase the signal. You can place it in the middle of your house for better coverage or move closer to the receiver. You can also raise the router as far as possible for effective broadcast range. Although routers may look ugly and people tend to keep it in a cabinet but it causes obstructions and leads to lower signal.

Change the antenna– change your antenna to a new with more powers for better range. Only few models allow changing of the antenna if your model does then you can replace with new antenna. Also point the antenna at right angle.

Install wireless Amplifier– Amplifier increases the strength of a router so it is also called booster which is available at a very cheaper rates. Range is not affected by an amplifier while repeater does. It is better to use bidirectional amplifier as it will increase both inward and outward speed.

Install a repeater– Repeater is a wireless network expander which takes signal from router and increase its range. Repeaters are affordable and available in local market but if you don’t want to buy then you can simply use your old wireless router to an extender.

Have a better security–  It is very easy to hack the password of your router nowadays so make sure you have a better security system so that no one steal your Wi-Fi.

Besides above methods you can also Install DD-WRT firmware that will boost the transmitting power and also enhance the security. For this first hacking of your router is a must before installation. In today’s fast paced world. Time is everything, increasing the importance of time speed and time saving. And with decreasing levels of patience and increasing haste among people speed of internet is very important. And nothing bothers more than getting less value for your money. So, following these techniques you can avoid pulling some your precious hair and get the desired speed of the internet over your Wi-Fi router for what you’ve paid.

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