How to Open Emails in OST File into Mozilla Thunderbird?

Nowadays, many users and organizations are switching from one email client to another. Also, sometimes users want to share their data with someone else who uses a different email client data. In both cases, we need to perform a data migration process.

Many users want to open MS Outlook OST file into Thunderbird due to its various user-friendly features and open-source nature. If you are also planning for the same then here, we will discuss the entire data migration process in simple steps.

Before this, let us first get a quick overview of MS Outlook & Thunderbird. Thunderbird is one of the popular freeware email clients. It is an effective email management software similar to MS Outlook and uses MBOX file format to store the email messages whereas each mail of Thunderbird uses .eml file format.

Microsoft Outlook is a simple desktop-based email client which comes with MS Office package. It is a proprietary email and task management application. MS Outlook uses OST and PST file format to store its data.

You can understand the difference between OST file and PST file to get the clearer knowledge of these to files. Although, MS Outlook works great in all environment but when something goes wrong with Exchange server or you try to open an orphan OST file, it becomes inaccessible. And, this is when the need to migrate OST file comes into picture.

So, if you want to open an OST Files to Thunderbird and access MS Outlook mail in Thunderbird then OST to MBOX file conversion is what you need.

Know why do users opt for the Thunderbird application?

Many users are switching from MS Outlook to Thunderbird because of various improvements of Thunderbird. Some of the advantages of using Thunderbird are over MS Outlook are as follows:

  1. Costing- MS Outlook is a paid email client while Thunderbird is available for free. Many users cannot afford expensive email clients that’s why they swap to Thunderbird.
  2. Interface- Thunderbird has a modest and handy interface.
  3. Effective Features- Thunderbird is an open-source software with multiple useful features such as channel chats, mail account setup, large file management, and much more.
  4. Convenient for Personal Use- Thunderbird is a free and open-source email application embedded with various advanced features which makes it more convenient for personal use.

How to Import OST to Thunderbird (MBOX)

Let us first take a look upon how you can perform this job manually?  It involves two processes. One is to first save OST file as PST file format and another one is to import the PST in a Thunderbird account.

  • Convert OST to PST
  • Import PST to Thunderbird

Step 1. OST to PST file conversion

This again involves two methods, either go for a manual process or simply use a paid solution to perform the job quickly.

Method 1. Transfer OST file to PST by Archive method

  • Firstly, open your Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now, click on File Menu and then tap Archive.
  • Pull the file/folder you want to archive and Browse for the location to save the archived file.
  • At last, hit on Finish button.

Method 2. Import and Export OST to PST

You need a connection with the Exchange Server to use this feature. Also, Microsoft Outlook must be installed on your computer.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook first.
  • Then, go to the File menu and select the “Import and Export” option.
  • Inside the Import and Export Wizard,select Export to a file option. and then click Next.
  • Now, choose Outlook Data File(.pst)  and click Next to proceed.
  • In next step, choose the folder to export from.
  • At last, hit the browse option and select the target folder to save the PST file and click the Finish option.

Note: This manual method will not work properly if you have a corrupt or orphan OST file. To repair and convert corrupted OST file you have to use professional OST to PST converter.

Step 2. How to import PST to Thunderbird?

First make sure that Outlook is your default program for sending and receiving emails. For that, follow the start button and click Default Programs >> Set your default programs.

  1. Search for the Outlook from the Programs tab and select to set this program as default.
  2. Then, load Thunderbird application and hit on the Display the Thunderbird Menu option.
  3. Redirect to the Tools menu >>then hit Import.
  4. Choose the Mail and tap Next.
  5. Now, choose the Outlook as the saving file type and hit Next button.
  6. Finally, hit on the Finish button to terminate the import process.

Importing OST files into Thunderbird manually is a lengthy process. Also, it is not a fully secure and reliable way. Therefore, for rapid and accurate result, you can use a professional tool to convert OST to MBOX. Once the MBOX file is created you can import then in Thunderbird easily. Also, you can open OST file in Apple Mail or any other MBOX compatible application, using the same process.

Bottom Line:

Whether you are moving from Outlook to Thunderbird or you simply have an orphan or old OST file which you like to open in Thunderbird, OST to MBOX conversion is required. Now the decision is yours, which way you would like to do it.

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