How to Create PST file in MS Outlook 2016?

MS Outlook 2016 has an entirely different UI from that of its predecessors but one thing which is still intact is the process to create PST file. Microsoft understands the need of archiving data and that is why it continues to keep this feature as it is.

As the MS Outlook data file storage size increases the need of creating PST files to archive older data diminishes. But, still there are scenarios where archiving MS Outlook data is a necessity. Some of them are as listed below:

  1. If you are a forensic examiner and need to analyze any mailbox then archiving is your need for which one have to create a PST file.
  2. If you are working in a MS Exchange server environment and need to backup your older MS Outlook data locally then also you have to create a new PST file
  3. Besides this, if you want to export the entire OST file data into PST then also it is needed to create a PST file but then you have to opt for OST to PST conversion tool.

TIP: If you have upgraded your MS Outlook 2016 to MS Outlook 2019 or simply have MS Outlook 2019 in your machine then you can learn how to create PST file in MS Outlook 2019 here.

How to Create PST file in MS Outlook 2016?

So if you are doing it for the first time then let me tell me it is not a rocket science. Simply follow the below steps and you can do it in a minute.  Here are the steps:

  • Open MS Outlook account
  • Click on File button
  • Click on “Account Settings” tab
  • Again click on “Account settings”
  • Next, from all the tabs, select “Data Files”
  • Next click on “Add ” button
  • Click on “Outlook data files (.pst)
  • Provide any name to the file and click “Ok” to create it
  • You can see the new PST file being listed under data files tab
  •  Click close to go to Account setting page

You can now see newly created PST file in the left pane of MS Outlook. Click on it to see the entire folder structure. You can add or remove any folder in this PST file as per your requirement.

Besides this there are other methods to do the same which helps you to easily create PST file in MS Outlook.


Creating a PST file is lot easier then you actually think but only thing to consider is how you are going to manage multiple PST files. I have often seen users creating multiple PST files in order manage their archived data but they end up being messy. In such scenarios you can opt for PST merger which simply combines all the PST files in one but keeps the folder hierarchy intact.

Since Microsoft Outlook is a heavily used email client; there are many things where users lack to manage the data. For which, we offer you many solutions which not only helps in MS Outlook data migration but also in Outlook data file management.

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