How to Backup OST emails into MSG File Format?

Are you facing the problem of orphaned, encrypted, corrupted, or damaged OST files? You can smartly handle this issue by converting them into MSG file format. To begin with, get an idea about OST and MSG file formats. OST files (Offline Storage Table) stores copy of Exchange Server Mailboxes in your local systems. OST file allows you to work offline and get updated automatically when the server is connected. You can still view and access the mailbox even when the internet is disconnected. With the help of OST files, you will be able to view emails including contacts, calendars, etc. without connecting to the server.

MSG file is an individual message created from the PST file. It contains all the information of email data, along-with a header, email body, hyperlink, email properties, file attachment, and much more like an ASCII text form. MSG files are majorly used by MS Outlook and other programs also support the .msg file extension.

Some of the reasons, why OST to MSG conversion is needed are mentioned below:

  1. When a user wants to work with a single OST mail file, they can convert it to MSG format. 
  2. MS-Exchange servers are at risk of unexpected corruption due to failure of Exchange Server, virus attacks, file head corruption, poor hard drive sectors, unwanted Outlook exits, or any other reason.
  3. When you need to shift email from an OST to a different mailbox; you can convert to MSG format because it is nearly impossible to read OST files directly, using any application.

Method to convert OST to MSG Format:

Method 1: 

Drag-and-drop method – To use this process, first, you need to open an OST file in MS Outlook. This is very easy if your OST file is accessible and you can open it in MS Outlook anytime. But, if the OST file is inaccessible or cannot be opened in MS Outlook then you have to first convert the OST file into PST file format.

Once the PST file is created out of the OST file then you can save your email into MSG format by using the method mentioned below. Follow the below-given steps:-

  1. First, open the Outlook application.
  2. Import the PST file into MS Outlook to open it
  3. Then select a message that you want to convert into MSG format. 
  4. Now create a folder on your machine where you want to save the MSG files
  5. At last, drag all the emails and simply drop them into the folder 

However, there may be a chance of losing important data during the process. Also, the process is time-consuming if there are multiple OST files and too much data to export. To overcome this situation, you can switch to another method.

Method 2:

OST to MSG Converter: The OST to MSG Converter software is a technical solution that offers a smart way to convert your emails into MSG format. It not only moves them into MSG format but also recovers corrupted or damaged OST files smoothly.

Magus OST to MSG Conversion Tool can do the conversion with perfection. It has many effective features and export OST files to MSG as well as other file formats like PST, EML, and PDF also.

For the migration of any data from one format to another, data integrity is very crucial. Whether you are using a manual technique or a software solution; it is vital to prevent data loss. However, it is recommended to opt for a professional application like the Magus OST conversion tool to skillfully accomplish the conversion job.

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