How to Import OST Emails into Windows Live Mail?

MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail are popular and heavily used email clients. They both are absolutely different from each other as an email client and in their features. Many users want to transfer their mail data from Outlook to Windows Live Mail; due to various reasons. But if you need to open OST files in Windows Live Mail, you can’t access OST files in Window Live Mail directly because WLM is not compatible with OST files. 

Reasons to Import Outlook OST to Windows Live Mail

Many users want to transfer their mail from one platform to another. There can be various personal and professional reasons which are as follow:

  1. When someone changes their job and uses MS Outlook as their primary workplace, they might need to back up the older data into Windows Live Mail compatible file format to access their old mail.
  2. Windows Live Mail is free to use by almost any windows user and, that is why people want to migrate their inaccessible OST files to Windows Live Mail. 
  3. Another benefit of migrating OST emails into Windows Live Mail is that you are open to various other applications too. Since you can export Windows live data easily, this data can be further transferred into different applications.  
  4. If you are windows live mail user then it is obvious that you want to import OST emails into WLM.

How to Transfer OST Files to Windows Live Mail?

There could be two possible approaches by which you can transfer the OST file into Windows Live Mail.

  1. Manually import OST file into windows live mails
  2. Convert OST file into EML file format and import EML into WLM

Manually if you try to open the OST file into windows live mail it will do nothing but throws up an error message. This is because it is nearly impossible to import OST files in WLM manually. Even if you try to do it, it will take a lot of time.

Another way out is to convert OST files into EML file format. This can be easily done by using an OST to EML conversion tool. Once you create an EML file for all the OST file data, you can easily import the EML files within Windows Live Mail effortlessly. Similarly, you can open OST file in Thunderbird as well as Apple Mail by using OST converter.


Since you cannot open the OST file directly into Windows Live Mail, it becomes crucial to export them into an EML file. This saves a lot of time and you have the opportunity to open the same emails in various other EML file compatible applications like; Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, etc. Conversion from one platform to another is not as easy as we might think especially when we do it manually. If you wish to convert Outlook OST to Windows Live Mail EML file without any kind of data loss, you will need to use a safe way. For this, you must go for an automated solution. This application also helps you to back up your data which is very essential nowadays.

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