How to Fix OST Error when ScanOST fails to Repair?

Summary: Learn what you should do when ScanOST fails to work and; you want to get rid of an annoying OST file error message that does not let you work.

If you have ever used MS Outlook with an Exchange server, then you definitely know; what is an OST file? And the challenges one faces as the OST file gets corrupt or shows an error message out of the blue.

There is no set rule or, you can say, any particular action that leads to MS Outlook OST file corruption or error message. There is a plethora of reasons that can cause OST file errors. Thus, you cannot prepare yourself in advance for it. The only way to understand the possible reason is to know what the error message is?

Every OST file error has its possibilities and causes. That is why once an OST file error appears; a user tries to search the error message as it is to know the reason for its occurrence.

But before trying anything else, the first attempt is to try ScanOST in-built app. Microsoft provided this app to understand and resolve possible issues in a corrupt OST file. But; unfortunately, it mostly fails to do so. It has been seen that “ScanOST” is only effective for small errors and completely fails for big issues. In such situations, the users are left with no other option but to find out an appropriate solution.

How to resolve the OST file error when ScanOST Fails?

To answer this query, I would like to tell you that once an OST file is corrupt or inaccessible or shows an error message, you cannot get back the same OST file. You either have to recreate a new OST file for which you need the Exchange server or if that is not present then ScanOST.

This ScanOST mostly fails and; if it does so in your case also, then the best approach is to go for other manual methods where you have to follow several long & tricky steps to import OST data in MS Outlook. But Let me tell you one thing; nothing will work other than saving OST files into PST file format and importing PST in MS Outlook.

How to Convert OST into PST File Format and Open PST in MS Outlook?

If you are looking for a free option to convert OST into PST, then; there are few manual methods available. They are long but sometimes work. Thus, if you wish, you can try those manual steps to convert OST to PST. On the other hand, there are few third-party tools that are easy yet effective to convert OST to PST just like that. They are robust, reliable, and retentive. Moreover, such tools are much more time savvy as well as full proof than manual methods.

One such tool which you can try out for free to understand its capabilities is Magus OST to PST converter, it is a versatile solution and does not require a technical expertise to do the conversion. All you need to follow simple steps

  • Install OST to PST converter
  • Browse the OST file which you like to convert
  • Next, choose the format in which you want to convert the OST file
  • Here you have to choose the “PST” format
  • Next, browse the location to save the PST file
  • Click on “Convert” button to begin the conversion
  • Once the complete data is migrated you will get a message “File is successfully converted”

I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with spending a few coins to save your time because, as we all say, time is money. You can use your efforts in other productive work then juggling with the steps to; manually export ost to pst. There are many cheap solutions available that are suitable for personal or small businesses. Depending upon your pocket size and need of the hour, you can choose what you like.

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