How to Import Google Takeout to Another Google Account?

Google Takeout is a valuable tool that allows users to export their data from various Google services, including Gmail, Google Drive, Contacts, and more. However, transferring this data to another Google account can seem daunting because there is no direct method to import and export Google data to other platforms. It requires technical skills and a little bit of patience to get the job done.

Although Google can let you export complete data from any Gmail account, importing to another google account is tricky. In this blog post, we’ll provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to import Google Takeout to another Google account as well as any other email account as per your choice.

How to Import Google Takeout to Another Account?

Step 1: Download Your Google Takeout Data

  • Go to the Google Takeout website ( and sign in with your current Google account.
  • Select the Google services you want to export data from, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Contacts, etc.
  • Choose your desired file format and delivery method (e.g., .zip file via email or directly to Google Drive).
  • Click on “Create Export” and wait for Google to prepare your data for download.
  • Once ready, download the exported .zip file to your computer.

Step 2: Extract the Data from the .zip File

  • Locate the downloaded .zip file on your computer and extract its contents.
  • You’ll find separate folders for each Google service you exported data from (e.g., “Mail” for Gmail, “Drive” for Google Drive, etc.).
  • Keep the extracted folders organized for easier navigation during the import process.

Step 3: Import Data to Another Google Account

  • Sign in to your other Google account where you want to import the data.

Depending on the type of data you want to import, follow these steps:

Gmail: Open the “Mail” folder from the extracted Google Takeout data and look for the .mbox file containing your emails. You can then use third-party email clients or Google’s import tool to import the .mbox file to your new Gmail account.

Google Drive: Simply upload the files and folders from the “Drive” folder of the extracted data to your new Google Drive account. You can either drag and drop them directly into Google Drive or use the “Upload” option.

Contacts: Go to Google Contacts ( in your new Google account. Click on “Import” and select the .vcf file from the extracted “Contacts” folder to import your contacts.

Step 4: Verify and Organize Imported Data

  • Once the import process is complete, verify that all your data has been successfully transferred to your new Google account.
  • Organize your imported data as needed, such as creating folders in Google Drive, labeling emails in Gmail, or categorizing contacts.

How to Import Google Takeout to Other Accounts?

As we have seen you can export Google data in .mbox file format easily. Thus, you are free to import the .mbox file into any emailing application that supports the .mbox file format. It could be Apple Mail, Thunderbird, MailBird, SeaMonkey, etc. 

So, if you want to migrate from Gmail to Thunderbird then you can easily do it by importing the Google Takeout data and importing it to Thunderbird. This method is easy yet effective to perform it does not require any additional tool to finish the job. Unlike Gmail to Outlook migration; in which you need to convert MBOX to PST file format before importing the data within MS Outlook.

Conclusion: Importing Google Takeout data to another Google account may seem complex, but with our comprehensive guide, you can seamlessly transfer your important information and continue using Google services without interruption. Follow the outlined steps carefully, and you’ll be enjoying your data in your new account in no time!

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