How to Open Apple Mail EMLX Files in Outlook 365?

Switching from desktop email client applications to cloud-based applications has become a trend nowadays. But this migration from one application to another is difficult because not every email app supports the same file format. 

In case you wish to migrate from Apple Mail to Outlook 365, there is no direct method to transfer your mail data. And, if you search the internet, you come across different solutions; most of them are complex processes and have a higher risk of data loss. So, here we have discussed the best possible method to export mail from Apple Mail to Office 365. 

In order to migrate your mail from Apple Mail to Outlook 365, you have to extract an EMLX file from the Mac mail database and then convert it to PST format. Or you can also export e-mails to MBOX format and convert MBOX files to PST using MBOX to PST Converter. There are many such tools available, but most of them are paid. 

EMLX Vs PST file – Let us know the basic differences and how to convert them

EMLX is a single mail file format created by Apple Mail for Mac OS. It stores all message information in plain text. On the other hand, the PST file format is supported by MS Outlook on both Windows and Mac. It is a local copy of your email data that stores information on your computer.

PST is a type of MS Outlook data file whereas EMLX file is a single file format. Thus, if a user wants to migrate from Apple Mail to Outlook 365; they usually prefer to migrate Apple mail MBOX into PST format. However, if you have orphan EMLX files to import in Outlook 365 then EMLX to PST conversion is required.

How to Convert and import EMLX files to Office 365 account?

This method comprises three steps. First, you have to locate the Apple Mails and export them as .emlx file format, convert .eml to PST file format and lastly import PST into Outlook 365 account. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Note: This same method is also useful when you want to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac.

Step 1. 

Extract and save Apple Mail files in EMLX format- First, you should save e-mails in .emlx format. If you are using a windows system, then make sure .emlx files are on your PC. By default, the Mail for Mac OS X stores emails in separate files. emlx format. You have to select the Mails from the mailboxes and perform drag and drop the email messages to the desktop.

Location of EMLX File

~user/Library/Mail/ folder, available below the /Mailboxes/ [mailbox]/Messages/ subfolder or sometimes within the subfolder /[account]/INBOX.mbox/Messages/.

Step 2. 

Convert EMLX file to PST Format- In this step, you need to convert EMLX files into PST file format; which is supported by MS Outlook for Office 365. This conversion is a complex job because it cannot be done manually. 

Here, you need to convert EMLX files into PST with reliable EMLX conversion utility software. With EMLX to Outlook converter, e-mail transfer becomes easy and fast. You just have to download an EMLX to PST converter and install it in your windows system. 

After that, run the application and follow the steps as directed in the application itself. It will take a few seconds to perform the tedious task and create a PST file out of EMLX.

Step 3. 

Import PST file into office 365- After that, import the resultant PST files into office 365 using the Outlook import/export wizard. If the size of a PST file is large or in bulk, you can opt for other methods like; using Azure copy or Drive shipping to complete the import process.


This article explicates a direct and smooth solution for importing EMLX files into Office 365 account. You may learn several methods to export emails from Apple Mail and save them to separate .emlx files, and; then how to import the saved mail to Outlook 365.

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