What is Mozilla Thunderbird? Everything to know About

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation which also produces the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It is one of the best free email clients for Microsoft Windows. It also supports Linux and Mac OS users. Thunderbird 91 is the latest version available.

It is an efficient and easy-to-use email management application for managing email similar to MS Outlook, but; it does not provide any email addresses. You can use your existing email address, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and more, to send/receive, sort, and search within your email messages in offline mode.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a cross-platform application integrated with different mailboxes which support POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols. That is why it lets you add multiple email accounts in one place and access them at the same time. Mozilla Thunderbird has the ability to manage all of your mails in one place, update multiple calendars, keep track of your schedule, and backup all crucial information. You can also customize and modify email accounts based on your requirements.

Features of Thunderbird Email Client

It provides many features and easy to set up add-ons services available to customize your email experience. It has options such as fast search, tags, saved search folders, message grouping, etc. to manage multiple emails, newsgroup, and news feed accounts seamlessly in one place.

  1. It has no limit to the number of email accounts you can add.
  2. Thunderbird has a built-in RSS reader to access headlines.
  3. Thunderbird is a secure email application that provides high-security protection with firewalls and anti-virus. Along with this, it offers spam filters to remove junk messages.
  4. It provides unlimited storage to manage the large file.
  5. It offers several extensions to expand the usability to the end-users.
  6. Send heavy attachments and have an attachment reminder. 
  7. It also gives an option to backup messages so that you never lose them.
  8.  You can customize the theme with a Thunderbird look and feel.

How to set up an email account in Thunderbird?

Steps to add your existing Gmail or for any other email provider to Thunderbird 91 are as follow:

  1. First launch Thunderbird, now in the tab go to Account Setup.
  2. You will then need to enter your username, email address, and password detail. Then press continue

3. Choose either IMAP or POP as the incoming mail server details and hit the “Done” button to proceed.

4. This page will show up once you have successfully added your email account.

5. It will automatically detect your address books and calendars based on your login information. Thunderbird 91 supports CardDAV and CalDAV calendars and setup an email address with convenient auto-configuration, 

6. Now click “Finish” to work with your mailbox in Thunderbird. 

What type of data file does Thunderbird use?

Mozilla Thunderbird uses MBOX file format to store the email messages and MSF file to save index files that store a summary of your emails. Thus, if you ever need to move from Thunderbird to MS Outlook; you can convert MBOX files into PST. Besides this; if you have any old or orphan MBOX file which you cannot open due to the unavailability of Thunderbird then you can opt for some MBOX viewer tool or convert the MBOX file into any desirable formats like Windows Live Mail, PDF file format, HCL Lotus Notes, etc.

Being one of the most commonly used open-source email clients, home users majorly uses Thunderbird to open and view emails in offline mode. Unlike many other similar email clients; that often come across common errors caused by hardware-software-related issues; Mozilla Thunderbird is very well programmed.

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