How to Open EMLX files Manually in Windows PC?

Apple Mail creates EMLX files to save their emails in the system disk. This file format is exclusive, and one cannot open it unless they have Mac mail or Notepad++ on an apple device. 

Due to this restriction, in case; a user has a backup of .emlx files on a windows PC, they look for options like EMLX to outlook migration or try to convert emlx to mbox file format to make it an unanimously acceptable file type.

How to Open an EMLX file on Windows PC?

As we have discussed earlier, it is nearly impossible to directly open EMLX files if you do not have a Mac PC. However, if you have a Mac machine, you can follow the below steps to open and view orphan .emlx files in your Apple Mail account.

Follow the instruction to open the EMLx file manually:

  1. In the search bar of your PC, type Library/Mail/Mailboxes.
  2. Now, make a new folder with the .mbox extension
  3. Make another folder under the MBOX folder.
  4. After that, paste all the .emlx files into the message folder.
  5. Next, open your Apple Mail to see the new mailbox.
  6. Select the rebuild option from the Mailbox menu if the folder is empty.

Once the above process finishes, your mailbox will start receiving messages. Although this is an easy task, doing it for multiple EMLX files could be time-consuming and have many limitations. The probability of data loss is higher in manual procedures. Also, you can only do it on a Mac PC.

Other ways to Open EMLX files on a Windows PC

Windows do not read or understand .emlx file. Thus, none of the inbuilt apps is workable to open this file. But, if you convert the .emlx to other file formats, the magic can happen. For instance:

  1. If you are an MS Outlook user or have MS Outlook on your machine, configure it and Convert EMLX to PST to open the files in MS Outlook.
  2. Save EMLX to HTML and use any browser of your choice to read the .html files anywhere at any time. You can also share it with anyone as an email attachment. Note: It is possible to open HTML files on Mac PC too.
  3. Saving the EMLX file to MBOX is also a great option. MBOX is a widely used file format in various emailing applications. You can easily import EMLX into Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Pocomail, or Apple mail, for that matter. This option is suitable for Windows, Mac as well as Linux users.
  4. If you are using Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail user, convert EMLX to EML format and open it in WLM easily.

You can choose any of the above options to conveniently open EMLX files on a windows PC. Depending upon your need and availability, you can opt for one of the methods to open orphan EMLX files without using Apple Mail.


Due to discrepancies between Mac and Windows OS, it becomes very challenging for users to move from one platform to other. That is why we have proposed every possible way, out of which you can opt to open EMLX files manually on a Windows PC.

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