Why MS Outlook account has a Yellow Triangle with an Exclamation?

When your Outlook icon shows a Yellow triangular Exclamatory mark, it means your MS Outlook has some malfunctions or; it is unable to connect. Precisely, it is a warning signal. These signals might appear due to one of the following reasons:

If none of the above reasons are valid in your case and you do not want to recover the Outlook data file by saving OST to PST, dig into the other possibilities. It will help to know why this happens and what you can do to rectify it.

What is Yellow Triangle, and How to identify it?

Well, the yellow triangle generally shows warning signals. It signifies that something is wrong, and you must check for possible issues. You can find this icon anywhere around you.

However, In MS Outlook, it is shown upon its signature blue logo icon. When this appears on your Outlook icon, it is clear that your profile is not working efficiently; and you should take the necessary actions to sort out the issue.

Possible Cause of Yellow Triangle in Outlook?

This error occurs all of a sudden, and you will not receive any prior notification for this. It is like; yesterday it was fine, and when you started your computer the next day, there was this Yellow caution. And I can totally understand how annoying it is.

Now, to remove this icon, we first understand the possible reasons for this to appear and then take the necessary actions accordingly:

  1. Another one could be that server is not responding
  2. The server has disabled your outlook email
  3. The Internet connection is not working
  4. You have provided the wrong login credentials
  5. One reason could be a Trojan or virus attack
  6. It can also be due to an error in Outlook data file.

All these are possible if you have a Microsoft Outlook app; provided by MS Office. Other than this, server issues could be the possible cause of this error, if your MS Outlook is configured to an Exchange server.

How to Remove Yellow triangle Exclamation on Outlook Icon?

As we have mentioned above, the possible reasons for this warning, you can take the relevant actions to remove it. Since there is no assured 100% solution for this, you need to try every possible option which can work in your case.

Before you start this process, it is highly recommended to take a backup of your MS Outlook data. So that if something went wrong with your profile, you still have your data in PST or OST file format. But if MS Outlook is configured with MS Exchange and showing the Yellow warning signs, then back up the OST file as PST and save it on your PC.

Thus, in case you need to delete your Outlook or reconfigure your profile or the Exchange server crashes, you can always convert OST to PST and import the PST to Outlook. That will help you access your data.

So, here is the list of all the methods which you can try:

  1. Close all the extensions & MS Outlook add-ins. For this, Go to File >> Manage Add-ins >> Click on the dotted icon then click on the remove option to delete all desirable extensions of your choice.
  2. Check your internet connection. It is quite possible that your WIFI or network is not connected. For this, check if your connection is stable by doing a speed test on your local network.
  3. Corrupt data files could also be a reason for this signal. For this, you need to repair the Outlook data file. You can do this manually. But if the free Outlook inbox repair tool fails, try to recover Outlook data files using a third-party Outlook repair tool.
  4. Try to remove the server to which you want your Outlook to connect. For this, go to Account settings and select the desired server. Then go back to the home screen and try to log in again with the correct credentials.

All the above processes might resolve the issue completely. But if you still have the issue then it is recommended to uninstall MS Outlook and reinstall it. Configure it again and let the server synchronize the data within Outlook. That will create a new data file with all the information safely restored.

Bottom Line

Errors in Outlook are a common issue, and different error messages might appear. The yellow trial problem is one of those issues which can be easily rectified by following the above-mentioned tips and tricks. For any other types of Outlook errors, you can learn how to fix Outlook errors. Since Outlook is a widely used application, a lot of tutorials; and manuals are available on the internet that provides you with more than sufficient information in this regard.

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