Can you Import MBOX into Outlook?

The answer is No.

You cannot import MBOX files into MS Outlook directly. However, it is possible indirectly with lot of time, effort, and expertise.

A lot of users ponder upon this query to understand why MS Outlook cannot support MBOX. The reason is simple. It reads a specific type of data file format i.e., PST or OST file. Besides these two, one can open an EML or MSG file in Outlook. Thus, if you have an MBOX file and using MS Outlook, it is almost impossible to import the MBOX to that Outlook account to open it.

However, in today’s technological era, the word IMPOSSIBLE does not exist. It is also true for the fact that you can import MBOX to Outlook using a few tips and tricks.

How to Import MBOX in MS Outlook?

MBOX file format is supported by different emailing applications like Thunderbird, Postbox, Seamonkey, Apple Mail, etc. Since they have a very different architecture, Outlook cannot read the format. However, this could be possible by following methods.

  • Convert MBOX into PST file format: This method is the aptest option to import the MBOX in Outlook. You need to convert the MBOX files into PST format; import PST into MS Outlook using either the “Open Outlook Data File” or “Import/Export” wizard. A reliable MBOX to Outlook converter can do this job quickly and efficiently. Besides this, there is no direct method to convert an MBOX file into a PST file.
  • Open MBOX file in Outlook using Thunderbird: If you don’t want to go with a third-party solution, then this method can be a way out. Here, you need to install and configure Thunderbird on your machine and open the MBOX file in it.
  • Convert the MBOX file into EML or MSG file formats: Another option is to convert the MBOX file into EML or MSG file formats. You can do this; either by using the Thunderbird application or the MBOX file converter. That will export all the emails from the MBOX file into .eml or .msg format, keeping the folder structure intact.

No matter how easy the above processes look, the manual methods are always risk prone. You can lose the data or end up corrupting the file. That is why; experts recommended opting for a paid solution to import MBOX into Outlook data file format.

Import MBOX file into Outlook using MBOX Converter

Tools like MBOX converter are versatile and capable of handling large files efficiently. There are other benefits of using the tools

  1. You can import multiple MBOX files at once into Outlook
  2. Any size of .mbox file is possible to export
  3. Apple mail MBOX file is also possible to import into MS Outlook
  4. One tool can save MBOX into PST, EML, MSG, and HTML formats
  5. The software maintains the folder structure of MBOX

With all of these advantages, it is possible to quickly and smoothly import MBOX into MS Outlook. However, if you opt for a manual method, then it can be cumbersome. It will also take a lot of time and require expertise in saving MBOX into PST.


There is no dearth of tools like MBOX converter. You can choose anyone depending on your priority. Hopefully, this article can answer the query and resolve the dilemma of whether you can import an MBOX file into Outlook or not. To summarize, yes; you can import MBOX to Outlook using a third-party app. And no, you cannot import MBOX into Outlook manually or directly.

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