How to Restore BAK File Data in MS Outlook?

In general, BAK files are backup files, usually created to keep the backup of any sort of data. A lot of applications, software, and browsers create this file on a PC to restore data in case recovery is needed. While many applications provide you the choice to create a BAK file like MS Outlook.

What is BAK File in Outlook, and How is it Created?

MS Outlook is a desktop-based emailing application. It is opted for users a lot to read emails in offline mode. It stores the data on the system hard drive and creates PST or OST files depending upon the scenarios in which one uses it.

The OST / PST file stores almost every crucial data associated with the MS Outlook profile. Since these files are considered crucial, users always try to keep them secure. Still, due to various factors, these files may get corrupted. If this happens, there is no other way to get them back manually.

How to Repair a Corrupt Outlook Data File?

OST files are more prone to corruption because it is associated with the MS Exchange server. If anything happens to the server, the OST file becomes inaccessible. Due to this, MS Outlook has provided a free Inbox repair tool. This app is programmed to repair the corrupt OST file or PST file whatsoever.

To use this application, you have to search for it on your device and the following screen will appear

  • Here, browse the OST / PST file which you want to repair. Next, click on the START button
  • The following screen will appear
  • Here, you will be asked to take a backup. If you check this, the software will create a .bak file while repairing the data file
  • Click on the repair button.
  • Once the repair is completed successfully you will get the below message.

That will take some time, and the status will show you whether the file is repairable or not. This repair tool has designed to combat any type of minor errors. But, if the OST file is severely corrupt, the SCANOST fails to repair the OST file, and users end up having an inaccessible OST file along with a .bak file.

How to restore OST Data from the BAK file?

The inbox repair tool creates a BAK file while repairing the OST file, or PST file. Thus, even if the repair fails, you will have a BAK file that stores the recovered data from your OST file. And you can retrieve this data by renaming the .bak file to .pst and importing this PST to MS Outlook.

Once the PST is in MS Outlook, you can view its data easily. But, if the OST file has not recovered fully, you won’t be able to see the complete data from the OST file. In this situation, you can try using OST to PST converter. It is a versatile tool to convert inaccessible OST files into PST file format, keeping the folder structure and other associated data in a healthy PST file.

Although the BAK file is useful to retrieve the OST file data, it is impossible to get it back wholly. You still miss out on some data if the recovery is not successful. Thus, when your OST file becomes inaccessible, corrupt, or orphan; the best way is to convert the OST file into PST file format using the OST conversion tool. That will help you to create one PST file for each OST file along with complete data.

Bottom Line

Indeed, the BAK file is a savior if the Inbox repair tool successfully does the job. But, in most cases, it fails. This free repair tool service is capable to remove minor issues and won’t be able to recover data fully. Also, even if you have the backup file, you still need to convert it into PST to open it in MS Outlook. Thus, it has been suggested not to rely on the BAK file to recover data from your accidentally deleted or corrupted OST file. You should have another plan ready. In case the BAK file method fails to work.

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